"Treatment Centers are expensive, but cost doesn't have to be a deterrent because options are available."

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what we do



Call or email Neal Nordlinger for an in-person or video-link evaluation of your situation.  

There is no charge for this initial consultation.

Call Toll Free 1.855.702.7474

Additional Numbers > 1.405.455.4440 or 1.310.200.7530

Email: neal@incrisisconsultants.com

We sort your tasks including, but not limited to, the following factors:

  • Legal: Need for an experienced attorney specializing in your legal issues -- criminal defense, family law, transactional, etc.

  • Demographics: Children/adolescents; young adults; adults; seniors; veterans; from court/judicial system; co-ed; gender specific; professionals -- doctors, lawyers, pilots, etc. -- general population.

  • Location of treatment: Local or out-of-state.

  • Type of addiction: Alcohol abuse; drug abuse; co-occurring; sex addiction; gambling addiction; eating disorder; internet addiction; shopping addiction; video game addiction to name a few.

  • Type of Mental Disorder: Primary; secondary; depression; anxiety; panic attacks; obsessive/compulsive; post-traumatic stress syndrome; anger issues; impulsive control; ADHD; bulimia.

  • Type of treatment: Intervention; detoxification; stabilization; inpatient residential; extended care; structured living; PHP -- partial hospitalization; IOP -- intensive outpatient; OP -- outpatient; sober living; short-term; long-term; MAT —suboxone / methadone / buprenorphine / vivitrol; psychotherapy; individual counseling; group therapy.

  • Operation: Private; for profit; nonprofit; public; religious.

  • Payment: Self-payment; private insurance; medicare; medicaid; state employee insurance; military insurance; sliding scale based upon income; payment assistance; scholarship.

Based upon the tasks required, we determine how we can be of service to you, and state an estimated fee through completion of them.

Neal is a man driven by compassion and who is devoted to the recovery of the addict and his/her family. Neal came into our lives when we were in a state of chaos, hopelessness and helplessness. His care and expertise gave us the confidence and courage to navigate the very difficult process of intervention and confrontation which led to the recovery of our loved one. Due to his relationships with the best treatment facilities in the country, he has the experience necessary to navigate the world of insurance and negotiating payment plans. Additionally, Neal is connected to very talented and dedicated legal professionals who are frequently needed for this journey. Thanks to Neal, our son and family are whole once again.
— Beth D. - Seattle, WA

inCrisis Consultants, LLC is a completely independent entity.  We refer only rehabs throughout the U.S. we have visited, know the programs and staff, are accredited by CARF or the Joint Commission and members of the NAATP (National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers).

We receive NO referral fees from attorneys, therapists, physicians, treatment programs or any other service we present.  We work solely for our client — you.

Other than those involved with Client's treatment, inCrisis Consultants, LLC shall hold in strictest confidence and not use or disclose to any person the identity of Client and Client's agent(s).



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