What’s Killing Us?

“Addiction doesn’t negotiate”

Eric Clapton

Those of you reading these pages who are 50 years-old or younger, the odds are that your death will be due to a drug overdose. And here’s a parent’s nightmare: overdose alone is the leading cause of death for those between the ages of 15 to 44 years-old.

While you should naturally be reaching 78 years upright on this planet, in 2017 up to 197 people per day in America joined the estimated 72,000 who overdosed on illicit substances. That’s more than the total of U.S. soldiers killed in Vietnam; more than car accident deaths at their peak; deaths due to AIDS at its zenith; and the highest ever number of gun deaths.

We were introduced to Neal and inCrisis Consultants at a time when our family was facing dire fallout from a loved one’s addiction and mental illness. Not only did his referrals to rehab facilities and a criminal defense attorney prove invaluable, but his genuine concern and unwavering support assured us that we were not alone during those dark days. With Neal’s help, we cleared several hurdles in finding solutions that proved workable and ultimately beneficial for all of us. We consider ourselves lucky to have crossed paths with inCrisis Consultants — our heartfelt thanks!
— David F. — Oklahoma City, OK

inCrisis Consultants, LLC is a completely independent entity.  We only refer rehabs throughout the U.S. -- thirty-seven as of this writing -- we have visited, know the programs and staff.

We receive NO referral fees from attorneys, therapists, physicians, treatment programs or any other service we present.  We work solely for our client — you.

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