“Addiction is a family disease…one person may use, but the whole family suffers.”

Shelly Lewis

If your family is like most others, you are not prepared for this, but something must be done — now. Having been in a similar situation, I started inCrisis Consultants to dramatically shorten the learning curve in finding the right solutions when addiction and/or mental illness hits your family. Those solutions include:

  • Interventions, if necessary, to get the individual to treatment.

  • Choosing the right treatment facility per the individual’s diagnosis; drug-use patterns; drug-related medical, mental & social problems; and financial resources, including insurance or no insurance.

  • Escorting the individual to rehab either locally or across the country.

  • Introduction to an attorney per the individual’s needs

  • One year case management to assist with the year-long treatment plan designed by licensed treatment professionals.

inCrisis Consultants assists you in choosing the right solution, right now.  These options include rehabs where we know the personnel, treatment programs — evidence-based, modalities, gender specificity, MAT, Family Behavior Therapy, housing, private pay, insurance, ancillary costs, space availability — to name just a few.  

Once the choice is made, we coordinate confirmation of insurance benefits -- if applicable -- the patient's phone assessment, medical records transfer, upfront payment, transportation to the facility -- with or without escort -- and aftercare - the transitioning into a lifetime of sobriety after formal treatment...the rest is up to the patient.

Neal saved my life. I was depressed and hopeless and I didn’t know how to help my son. He was losing his life to drugs, alcohol and arrests. After suffering many years of chaos, sadness and despair, I made a decision to call Neal and that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Neal knows what needs to be done - including getting an attorney to defend my son. Now, in my life and my son’s, we have recovery, hope, peace and continued support from Neal.
— Diane W. - Edmond, OK

inCrisis Consultants, LLC is a completely independent entity.  We only refer rehabs throughout the U.S. -- thirty-seven as of this writing -- we have visited, know the programs and staff.

We receive NO referral fees from attorneys, therapists, physicians, treatment programs or any other service we present.  We work solely for our client — you.

Other than those involved with Client's treatment, inCrisis Consultants, LLC shall hold in strictest confidence and not use or disclose to any person the identity of Client and Client's agent(s).


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