After thirty years in the entertainment industry out of Los Angeles, Neal Nordlinger originally came to Oklahoma City to raise funds and run an Internet start-up he founded.  Because of his family's journey through addiction and recovery, Neal began receiving a plethora of appeals for advice from individuals and families also hit by drug and alcohol abuse.  It was a natural, intuitive reaction for Neal to start and run full time inCrisis Consultants to provide attorney and treatment options available to those in need per their financial and insurance resources.  Based both in Los Angeles and Oklahoma City, the response has been overwhelming.  A graduate of the University of Southern California's Cinema School, Neal spent the majority of his career producing feature films, television mini-series and series on locations throughout the U.S. and worldwide.

inCrisis Consultants, LLC is a completely independent entity.  We only refer rehabs throughout the U.S. -- thirty-seven as of this writing -- we have visited, know the programs and staff.

We receive NO referral fees from attorneys, therapists, physicians, treatment programs or any other service we present.  We work solely for our client — you.

Other than those involved with Client's treatment, inCrisis Consultants, LLC shall hold in strictest confidence and not use or disclose to any person the identity of Client and Client's agent(s).


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